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Why Clean Water Matters

In the past decade, more people around the world have died from waterborne illnesses than from all wars combined. The toll is greatest among children and families. Lack of access to clean water reduces community productivity, renders education efforts ineffective, and strains already inadequate health care resources. Facing constant sickness and threat, families cannot plan to improve their lives. 

Empowering Communities

By teaching people to build and install BioSand Water Filters, combined with community sanitation and hygiene education, we can reduce and ultimately remove the threat of cholera, typhoid, bacterial dysentery, Rotavirus, hepatitis A, cryptosporidiosis, and other waterborne illnesses.


We are also working with communities to explore approaches to rainwater catchment, hygiene stations, soap making, spring and water source protection, and simple pump repair.

How You Can Help

Recurring donations allow us to build a budget to sustain the production of water filtration systems to areas in the greatest need. Individuals, civic organizations, and faith groups all play a critical part in funding this outreach.

 Donations we receive will go towards:

  • Steel mold for making filters ($500)

  • Training communities ($3000)

  • Bio-Sand Filter and delivery ($75)

  • Travel expenses

How Bio-Sand Water Filters Work

Bio-sand water filter

Lid- Tightly fitting lid prevents contamination & unwanted pests.

Diffuser- Prevents disturbing the filtration sand layer & protects the bio-layer when water is poured into the filter.


Filtration Sand Layer- Removes pathogens & suspended solids.

Outlet Tube- Required to conduct water from the base to the outside of the filter.


Filter Body- Holds the sand & gravel layers.

Separating Gravel Layer- Supports the filtration sand & prevents it from going into the drainage layer & outlet tube.


Drainage Gravel Layer- Supports the separating gravel layer & helps water to flow into the outlet tube.

A $70 Donation Builds One Bio-Sand Filter For a Village or School

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